Four eyes.


Glasses were for dorks and nerds. I wasn’t going to be either.

If I squinted just enough, I could bring those illegible numbers into focus. It worked for several months and carried me through the summer of 1992.

During the first week of 8th grade, straining harder than ever from my desk in Algebra, I knew I had a problem. After several days, reluctantly, I told my mom.

On the subsequent ride home from LensCrafters, I was in awe. I could see leaves on trees. I could see numbers on mailboxes. I could see blades of grass, birds flying through the sky and details I hadn’t seen in a long time. It was remarkably vivid.

Seeing things through a new lens, literally, made all the difference. Sure, I was embarrassed and self-conscious. I even went to great lengths to minimize the amount of time I had to sport those nerd goggles. But after realizing just how compromised my vision had become, my need for them was undeniable.

Your eye is a lamp that provides light for your body. When your eye is good, your whole body is filled with light.

Matthew 6:22

My relationship with God has been no different. I jokingly refer to my days at the greatest University in the world (GO DAWGS!) as my “dark ages.” I knew the Light, but I chose the darkness. I stumbled, squinted, and stubbornly plowed through my 20’s…and into my 30’s.

I knew I had a problem. And just like that day in 8th grade, I reluctantly told my Father.

The subsequent ride has been remarkably vivid. Seeing through a different lens has made all the difference.

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By Jeremy